New Intermediate Violin Outfits now in stock

Posted by Geraldine Byrne on

Due to increased demand for our better quality intermediate level violin outfits we have curated a lovely range between €395 and €895 from some of the world's top makers.


We have our own CADENZA label, released under our own label range this is an excellent quality, intermediate level violin with  good quality wooden bow, shaped case and resin: an attractive  dark red finish; deep tone with lots of projection. €395

We have the excellent Gewa ALLEGRO outfit, with Oblong case, Carbon Bow, and resin - hand varnished, with very pleasant, even and sweet tones, making it a really good choice €395

We have the Scott Cao Range in two models - Violin outfit €420, and Violin only €595. The violin outfit includes Scott's excellent mid range student violin, upgraded bow and shaped case, with resin. Hand varnished and fully fitted by hand, with very pleasant, even tones. 
The Violin only option is an excellent mid range instrument with antiqued hand varnished finish, superior tones, sweet with depth and warmth and a clear projection. 



The Karl Hofner Range is our bestselling range, handcrafted/ handmade in Germany starting at €495 4/4 outfit. A very nice student instrument, with the trademark Hofner strength and depth of sound; bow, shaped German case and resin included.

The €595 handmade model boasts superior European tone woods, solid maple and spruces, and a step up in quality of sound: complete with shaped German case, carbon fibre bow and resin.

Something for every taste, in a great, accessible price range....

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