NEW!! TGI HARD Banjolele Case for resonator Banjo Uke

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TGI hard case for Banjolele is designed for resonator backed banjoleles (e.g. pictured below) Smaller bajoleles fit in but may require some additional padding.

TGI Wooden Tenor Banjo Case Overview

The TGI Wooden Tenor Banjo Case is a luxury hardwood carry case that fits most tenor banjo's and incorporates a black leatherette finish, grey plush interior, storage compartment, robust carry handle and durable metal lockable clasps to provide a safe and convenient way to transport your banjo without any unwanted bumps or scratches.

Product Ref: 51217

Full Description


  • Shell: Hardwood
  • Exterior Cover: Black Leatherette
  • Stitching: Gold
  • Lining: Grey Plush
  • Handle: Solid Grab
  • Clasps: Locking Metal