We have a brand new online store, with new features and of course, a different look and navigation so here are some FAQs to help you get going.

Congrats on your store...have you everything ready to go?

Ready? eh....yeah. Sort of. Let's go with "yeah" and see how we get on ok?

SO there may be some glitches?

It's us, of course there'll be glitches. Our glitches probably have glitches. But we are working hard to iron them all out (and if you see anything odd or incorrect please do let us know!)

You are still stocking your usual ranges?


And they're all up online?

Um, well, when we say "online"....we are getting there. Almost all of them are up but we keep finding stuff we forgot. Like an entire range of Ukes. Easily done. 

I can't find what I'm looking for. Should I just email you?

Yes. Really, Yes. Just email us sales@charlesbyrne.com or Facebook us or Tweet at us 

Can I still Collect in Person?

Yes! But shopify is a bit weird and trying to make a "collect in person" option was nigh impossible. Our work-around is to charge 5c, which seems to solve all the issues. When you opt for collect in person, you still need to provide your details (shopify policy) and you'll be charged 5c on your order but then when you come in to collect we SWEAR we'll give it back !

My postage looks weird....can you help?

Absolutely! you can contact us and we will look at it asap - while transferring and updating several thousand products, we have tried to provide accurate postage but it's possible (likely) we may have slipped up on one or two (several. 5 tops) products. Also An Post have raised their pricing which has affected several larger items.

If you do order and the postage turns out to be less than expected we will always refund the difference.

Sooooooo what's in it for me?

A celebratory discount code NEWSTORE19 for 10% off your first order!

OK...I'm off to browse....but if I find any mistakes I'm going to mock you, ok?

Fair enough.