Product Review Programme


We are committed to bringing our customers the best products available and we value customer reviews above manufacturer's claims. To this end we have launched a product review programme, where we give select samples of products to clients to use and review. We ask for honest fair reviews, and the product is their's to keep. If you would like to join in, see our Facebook Group for details.

Boston Transformer Pick up

Thomastik Spirit Strings

Neotech Simple Sling Uke Strap



Boston Transformer Pick up for Uke/Mand by Marie Casey

Review of Boston pick up.

I started by putting on the pick up as suggested on the packaging but because of the length of the wire I had to bring the wire over the top and around the back see the picture below. It would have been handier if the lead had been a little shorter. There is a warning on the package about the pick up being delicate if you try to move it and indeed it is, I was going to move it but realised it wouldn’t be easy so I don’t think I’ll be moving it or trying it out on another instrument. Whilst where the jack goes in feels secure I would be very careful plugging it in and out.
Sound wise I couldn’t turn it up too loud as the pick up picks up too much sound at the bridge of your hand and same up at the frets but at the same time there was enough volume but I am sure it could be improved by putting a microphone to the amp. It’s not for a professional musician, it cost €23.00, but if you just want it to have fun and join in with a few guitars at a session like me it’s ideal


SPIRIT strings by Thomastik by Margo Little.

Having used Spirocore strings by Thomastik for traditional playing all my adult life, I was intrigued by online reviews that compared Spirit, their new synthetic string, favourably with the established Spirocore model.
Spirocore are steel core strings, bright sounding, and with a long lasting integrity of intonation and tone. They are warmer than other steel strings and less abrasive. They stand up well to repetitive bowing.
A lot of trad players are now looking to synthethic strings for added richness and warmth and I have seen people using Dominant or Tonica (pirastro)
I don't like the lack of bite however so have been reluctant to change.

Spirit strings are definitely a very interesting option. They are warmer than any steel string: they have a rich tone and feel but they still have punch. They would be ideal on a modern instrument that needs a darker richer sound or (like my own) an older instrument that needs to be livened up. They haven't quite the clarity and bite of Spirocore however they have a very pure E and a nice balanced feel across. AND they are €38 - a full €10 cheaper than Spirocore. Whether they last quite as long on the fiddle is yet to be seen, but they took about 10 days to play in fully, and have remained consistent for the last 2 months. I played a fiddle with Spirocore recently and feel as if I would miss the extra warmth now. I imagine for any student (classical or trad) these would be absolutely perfect.
Biggest plus: really good option for tone at a great price
BIggest drawback: Not quite as brilliant a tone as steel (only really an issue for trad in some circumstances)

VERDICT: ideal for students, ideal for experimenting with tone and sound without spending a fortune, Worth trying.


Neotech "Simple Sling" Ukulele Strap by Roisín Eskine (Yogoleles)