We have many years of experience in supplying in bulk to schools, music groups, workshops and resource groups: ukuleles, recorders, tin whistles, violins and more.


A "bulk" order can be as few as 5 or as many as 120 - we are able to source excellent instruments at truly competitive prices. 

Let us talk you through the process - tell us what you hope to set up, and we can provide options! We are happy to advise on types of instruments, numbers to suit class size, accessories and more. We can provide pro forma estimates to help you gain funding. 


And when it comes to value, we are the best. We offer sizeable discounts, making the cost per pupil/attendee really affordable.



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Ukuleles make the ideal musical instrument for schools.

Many schools are now advised to avoid wind instruments such as Tin Whistle or recorder during C19.

Ukes can be easily sanitized between use, both plastic and glossed finished ukuleles are available at affordable prices and can be easily cleaned. 

Ukes are less likely to spread germs and are easy to play. They suit a wide range of abilities and can be used to teach rhythm, melody, chords, theory and more. They are listed as one of the best instruments for teaching all round musicianship.