New! Brunswick Tenor Ukulele BU4T pack

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Brunswick Tenor Uke, Sapele with Mahogany colour finish, excellent beginner range with warm clear tone; attractive satin finish. Fitted with Aquila Strings

 This is one of our best selling intermediate Uke ranges, a favourite with teachers and students.

These ukuleles are the point at which novelty stops and more serious musicality can begin. Each model features a sapelli top, back and sides with a mahogany coloured finish and high quality geared machine heads and a great tone too!

Well made, affordable ukuleles from Brunswick - a warm tone, with good clear projection make these an ideal intermediate ukulele. Our special bundle includes a TGI padded Cover and Clip on Tuner, everything you need to get started/improve. 
A dark mahogany finish adds to this attractive instrument. One of our most popular models in the intermediate range. 
For limited time inc cover and tuner