Double Bass End Rods, STOCK CLEARANCE display models

  • €40,00
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We have a small selection of Double Bass end rods, unused, out of packaging, display models (very good condition)

They are excellent quality items, used for repair, restoration and fitting. 

Double Bass model B - Blackened Steel Shaft 40 cm , Ebony Cone 2.7-2.9 cm Blunt Ends, replaceable ends, in hard grip rubber. €40

Double Bass Model C - Pointed end Blackened metal shaft 37 cm Ebony Cone 2.7 -2.9 cm cone €35

Double Bass Model D - Pointed end Blackened metal Shaft 35 cm  Ebony Cone 2.2-2.4cm, €25 


Items sold as is, fitting not offered at this time.