Gewa Ideal Air Backpack for Violin Cases

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Lightweight, strong, adjustable and very versatile, the Gewa Air Backpack is perfect for those who want additional support and ease of carrying for their violin case. Fits Oblong and Shaped cases, great for transforming your case into a bicycle friendly/ travel friendly case, gives additional padding and protection, protects the back and shoulder better than the usual violin case straps - plus gives great additional carrying/storage inc space for scores, music stand and accessories. 

  • Useful music sheet pocket with rucksack fixture
  • DE LUXE version
  • Fits GEWA Idea and Air violin cases and most shaped/oblong cases
  • Well-padded rucksack straps, can be stowed away
  • Specifically designed back cushion
  • Large accessory pocket with organizer
  • Side pocket for music stand
  • GEWA-Tex