Lanikai MA-CET Tenor Mahogany Cutaway inc Cover XMAS DEAL

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The Lanikai MA-CET XMas Deal - Strap, Strings included with Lanikai Padded Cover


With the excellent finish and style that the relaunched Lanikai range is now famous for, this Cutaway ukulele made from mahogany  delivers a deeper Tenor uke tone. New features inc a wider nut for a slightly wider neck that makes playing even more comfortable; a CITIES compliant walnut fingerboard (Walnut as a fret board wood adds great response.)NuBone nut and saddle complete the fitting ( NuBone are the brand of quality for fittings) 

The ukulele sounds perfect as a purely acoustic instrument but if you want to plug it in, the  Kula Preamp A/E system is ready for rich, amplified tone.