Larsen "Il Cannone" Soloist

Larsen "Il Cannone" Soloist

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Soloist strings from Larsen A new multi-filament synthetic fibre, unique to Larsen providing creative possibilities capable of delivering great projection whilst still retaining a rich variety of sound colour.

This unique combination of both power and delicacy, prompted comparisons with the Guarneri del Gesù ‘Il Cannone’ in the hands of that violin’s most illustrious owner, Niccolò Paganini giving Larsen a name for these remarkable new strings and prompting the new package imagery.

During the development phase observations from musicians not only suggested the name but also confirmed that playability and feel on the fingerboard is widely judged as excellent with a good resistance to the bow. Descriptions offered for the sound delivered include: ‘Noble and powerful. A biting tone with real punch. Highly colourful with many intricate harmonics. Clear. Open. Brilliant.

A very fast and easy response especially in spicatto.’ Il Cannone Soloist brings a fuller tone, with even more presence and focus.