Pirastro Cellisto Resin

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Excellent quality Cello resin from Pirastro, Suitable for use with any strings . Brilliant cherry red. A soft resin, with good grip, brings out the best in strings.

Manufacturers Spec :Brilliant cherry red. A soft quality rosin for cello.

CELLISTO is classed as a "soft" resin,.  (see Rosin Chart)
Pirastro Cellisto Rosin is formulated to complement Covered Gut and good quality Synthetic Cello strings, drawing out richer tones and colour. Good resins help to maximize the potential of the strings. Cellistos finer powder minimizes harsh tones in cello strings.
Pirastro are world renowned string makers and their range of resin is second to none - each delivers a particular sound and is made from top quality materials.