Pirastro Schwartz Resin

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An excellent quality black resin, ideal for bringing out the best in steel strings, or student to intermediate level Synthetic (Thomastik Alphayue, Dominant, Pirastro Tonica)

Manufacturers Spec :Black. A dark, hard rosin suited for steel strings.

Shwatrz is classed as a "hard" resin, ideal for covered gut, or high grade synthetic strings (see Rosin Chart)
Pirastro Shwatrz rosin is an excellent mid range black rosin suitable for steel strings violin or viola. It has a smooth powder with great grip, and a very little goes a long way. Superior tone for classical students or traditional fiddling, allowing the steel strings to deliver maximum immediacy of sound. 
Pirastro are world renowned string makers and their range of resin is second to none - each delivers a particular sound and is made from top quality materials.