Pirastro Tonica Violin Sets SPECIAL OFFER

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•nylon core strings
•lively and round sound
•easy tone attack
•very easy response

Tonica produce a lively well-rounded sound, perfectly balanced across all four strings.
Responding instantly to any bowing style, they reward both player and listener with an open and direct sound.
With substantially reduced background 'hiss', players can sustain a more even tone helping to achieve smoother string crossings.
Whilst giving positive feed back to your left hand, Tonica strings remain very easy to play right up into the highest positions.

However, this excess does not mean that the Tonica has lost its warmth.
Playing pianissimo has considerably improved.
All bow strokes are possible resulting in smooth crossings from one note to another.
Easy right hand articulation and tone attack.
Due to their medium string tension Tonica strings are suitable for all instruments.
Insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity
•The set E-Aluminum contains:
E-steel wound with aluminum, A-aluminum, D- and G-silver.