Vignoles Whistler's Walking Stick, handmade with penny whistle

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Whistle While You Walk! Hand turned Walking stick with tin whistle inside: 

Handmade*, in intricate design, traditional Irish walking stick, made in Ireland. Screw open the attractive brass head to reveal a traditional brass D whistle (you can use the compartment for any standard sized D whistle) This charming and lovely handmade item is a must for the Irish Whistle player! 

*handmade items contain inconsistencies and small flaws, unlike factory cut items. This is a normal part of handmade items and does not constitute a fault in the product.

Patented Handcrafted Wooden walking stick with Penny whistle inserted in handle: a charming unique gift for the traditional whistle player. Always have your whistle with you, ready to join in a session or just play for yourself while out and about. Imagine the beauty of a walk in the Irish countryside, sitting on a hill side playing as the heather blooms around you and a lonely curlew answers the call of the whistle. Or finding a session in a friendly pub, produce your whistle from your walking stick and off you go!

A real treat for any Whistle aficionado.